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KK has built up a reputation for delivering good quality development programs for women and their families. It also has a good reputation with its donors for honesty and transparency. In recognition of its endeavors, KK and its Chief Executive has received various prestigious awards such as

  One Hundred (Unseen) Powerful Women' by One World Action's Blog(UK) -2011
  IUCN Outstanding Woman - 2007-2011
  Human Rights award from President of Pakistan - 2011
  National Fatima Jinnah Presidential Medal - 2010
  Synergos Fellowship - 2009
  International Union for Conservation of Nature - 2007 Award
  Chief Executive one of the 1000 women nominated for Nobel Peace Prize 2005
  Fatima Jinnah Award - 2003
  The Human Rights Award from International Labor Organization (ILO) - 2001
  The PNC Sitara-e-Imtiaz 2001, a National Presidential Award
  UN Recognition Awards 2000 for its services in developing and promoting women’s and children’s rights



Membership with different organizations promotes negotiation and advocacy. The negotiation requires a long-term view and has led KK to form consortiums, networks and forums with local, national and international development partners to raise a voice for change at policy level. At present, KK is having membership with different national and international organizations.

  EVAW alliance (KK is co chairing this network)
  Women Chamber of Commerce KP
  Saba Pakistan
  Women Business Development centre
  Islamic Micro Finance Working Group (IMWG)
  Pakistan Coalition for Education (KK hosted the secretariat for this coilation)
  Pakistan Micro Finance network (PMN)
  The Pakistan National Committee (PNC) (IUCN)
  Beijing +10Violence Against Women (VAW)
  The Micro Summit
  International Network for Alternative Financial Institutions (INAFI)
  The Asian South Pacific Bureau of Adult Education (ASPBAE)
  Aman Ittihad (a peace movement).
  FAO (Food & Agriculture organization) Food cluster security
  HAP (Humanitarian accountability partnership)
  HRDN (Human Resource Development network)
  Aman Tehrik
  NHN (National Humanitarian Network)
  TGG( Task Gender Group)
  TAF( The Asia Foundation)
  PCP(Pakistan Center of Philanthropy)
  KK is a member of Child Protection Cluster and Education Cluster
  Protection Cluster (Co-Chairing at Dir-Upper, Dir Lower and D I Khan)
  Gender Based violence Sub Cluster
   TAQ( Takra Qabile Khwindi)

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