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Program Development Manager

Huma Gul is an economist and brings with her 10 years of working experience in the development sector. During her professional journey , Huma has been put on different positions from project management and leading teams in the field to program design and development. She posses ample skills in program development and management and has also acted as a trainer of child and women rights.

Before joining Khwendo Kor, Huma has served at two other local organizations where she worked her way through to Manager position. Huma has contributed a lot in the program development in areas including education, livelihoods development, Health and Community mobilization. Huma has strong analytical and written communication skills evidenced from the publications; newsletters, annual reports, assessment and evaluation reports of different projects lying on the websites of organization where she has served previously.

At KK, Huma is serving as Program Manager, Planning, Monitoring, Evaluation and Research (PMER) since June 2015. She is responsible for all the internal and external communication and flow of relevant information to the staff stationed in different regions and to KK's partners, donors and friends who are contributing in the realization of its envisaged objectives. Compiling, developing and designing of KK Annual Report, Updating of KK's website, development and discrimination of IEC material in different projects with the consultation of project teams, provision of relevant organization related information to other program managers, assisting management in fund raising, facilitating researches and managing consultants hired for different studies, organizing and facilitating annual review and planning meetings at KK, developing monitoring framework for the set of projects implemented by KK and conducting monitoring visits with the monitoring team to the project sites are some of the tasks that Huma manages.

Huma has earned a Master of Science degree in Economics from the University of Peshawar and has attended many on the job local and national level trainings. Huma is very open to suggestions from colleagues regarding improvement in professional skills and always enjoy new and exciting tasks.

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